This website describes tools to help you feel better (and better and better and better) in life.

At this point, the main content on this website is found by HOVERING your mouse over the
“3 – Practicing” menu item on the top of each webpage. This displays a sub-menu that lists three “Better-Feeling Focus Areas”. Once you click one of these three menu items, you will see one more set of around 10 menu items. Clicking any one of these 10 or so menu items will take you to a webpage that contains links to documents containing lists of good-feeling mantras, phrases, or statements.

As in weight-lifting, if you simply spend 5 minutes/day doing focused practicing of better-feeling lists like these (where you actually practice FEEEEEELINGS as you read each item), that can have a significant effect on the overall ratio of good/bad feelings in your life. Of course there is quite a bit more one can do to “practicing better feelings” in one’s life, but this is a good place to start.

Eventually this website will explore lots of additional ways in which one might practice better feelings. The idea is not to try to always be hitting a “home run” … but to keep introducing more and more positive injections into one’s life. Hence the name of this website:
1000 Gentle Breezes. Enjoy!





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